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Control Your Emotions with the Divinity

Goa Yoga School is the finest way to delve into the divinity of Yoga under the guidance of veteran yoga teachers. With an aim to bring a change in the emotions and feelings of our beloved yoga students, our teachers are devoted to offering you the best with the best.

Our yoga school in Goa is focused spiritually to provide you with a unique yoga practice which will let you form a deep connection within your body. No matter, where you reside, from where you come from; you are always welcome at our yoga school to uplift your spiritual energy and to gain a better in yoga. The transformative programs with our different yoga courses work in the direction of personal growth, overall growth. At Goa Yoga School, one can explore the limits of one's potential and learn to revive the energy connecting you with your soul. By forming a divine aura around you, our yoga school in India will encourage you by refining your talent, your skill with different aspects of yoga.

We are Different from other Yoga Schools

There are many aspects that make Goa Yoga School different from other yoga schools and centres. Some of them are:

  • ★ We offer authentic learning of yoga.
  • ★ We carry lots of experiences with us.
  • ★ We aim to provide the injury-free yoga.
  • ★ We conduct on theories and practicals equally.
  • ★ We are Yoga Alliance approved yoga school.
  • ★ We have yoga gurus with true and vast knowledge.
  • ★ We offer courses suitable for both, beginners and advanced level of students.

Yoga for Beginners | Yoga for Intermediate

Why Choose Goa for your Next Yoga Destination?

Goa is one of the top destinations to explore and experience the core of yoga. One can find much top-notch yoga courses here recognized & certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. That means, after gaining or receiving the yoga certificate from our yoga institute, you are eligible to teach anywhere in the world.

In Goa, the best yoga teacher training is conducted under the aegis of Goa Yoga School where the veteran and professional yog gurus deliver the topmost yoga knowledge and training. The tailor-made yoga courses of your Yoga Teacher Training Centre meet your needs and goals. Our basic goal is to develop you as the best yoga teacher so that you further propagate this divine knowledge to all in the search of peace. Our yoga course allows you to sharpen your skills as a teacher and to bring the best out of you.

Apart from all these, Goa is highly preferred due to its exotic location and peaceful view. It is always the favourite Indian State. It treats you with relaxed sceneries of sun, sea and nature. The destination connects you with nature. It will further give you a chance to reach out with a strong part of the network of yogis from all over the world.

In a nutshell, Goa offers all, we need for peace, we need for yoga.

Courses offered by Goa Yoga School

We are not limited with our courses, the courses offered by us suits to yoga practitioners of all levels.

  • If you are a beginner yoga trainee and wants to learn much in less time, then go for 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, which do not require any prior yoga experience or knowledge and can be covered in just 14 days.
  • If you want to start your bright career in yoga but you do not have any yoga experience, then still you can make your career with our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course.
  • If you want to learn more about yoga and holds a prior experience in it, then go for 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course.
The Best is Waiting for you

Yoga in Goa is the dream of many lovers of yoga and if you get a chance to experience such a lovely gift, then just think; how lucky you will be?Goa Yoga School in Goa works in the direction to offer the best of yoga to our loving students.

You will get to more about our school after experiencing; so, come and opt the best course of your choice.

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100hrs | 200hrs
Yoga Teacher Training Courses

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

Specially made for Beginners who want to do yoga just for pleasure, who want to do yoga to keep the mind still, who want to do yoga to make the soul happy, and who want to do...

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

For all those yoga aspirants who want to start their career in yoga but do not have any experience in it; 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is the best choice...

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