Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to practice yoga for my mental stability and not for any Teacher Training Course. Which course is the most suitable for me?

A: Yoga is not only about professional teaching. You can opt it for your mental well-being. The best course for it is 100 Hours Yoga Course or 200 Hours Yoga Course. If you don't want to invest for more than 2 weeks, then go for 100 Hours Yoga TTC while if you want to invest a month on yoga, then 200 Hours Yoga TTC is the best for you. The certification you'll get after 200 Hours YTTC is just a cherry on a cake.

Q: Do I need any experience for opting any of the Yoga TTC?

A: There is always a starting point, from where you start gaining and 100 Hours Yoga TTC & 200 Hours Yoga TTC is that starting point for beginners. In simple words, yes, you can join these two yoga courses without any prior experience.

Q: Do you prefer large groups or small groups?

A: We believe in teaching small groups as it will comfortable for both Shishyas & Gurus (Students & Teachers). In small groups, it will be easy for you to clear your doubts promptly and easily.

Q: Is your Yoga School registered with Yoga Alliance?

A: Yes, our yoga school is registered internationally with yoga alliance and the certificate you'll receive also registers with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Q: How to reach Goa Yoga School?

A: There are 3 ways to reach our school.

  • (i) By Air - You can take a flight to Goa, which will land at Dabolim Airport and from the airport, we will pick you up and take you for your new journey at our yoga school.
  • (ii) By Train - Thivim and Madgaon are the two main railway connection in Goa, where trains from all over the country arrive. After reaching the station, you will find us waiting for you to take our yoga school in Goa.
  • (iii) By Road - You can take the option of Bus as there are many bus operators in South Goa. From the bus stand, we will pick you up for Goa Yoga School.
Q: What about the weather of Goa?

A: Goa is situated near the Arabian Sea and lies in the equatorial zone due to which it experiences hot weather all over the year.

Q: What should I carry with me?

A: You will find much necessary amenities of yoga at our yoga centre but still you have to carry some of your personal stuff. Other important things include an alarm clock, light clothes, yoga clothes, torch, and all those items, which is of your use.

Q: Is there an exam or practical at the end of the course?

A: Yes, you have to pass the exams and practicals to complete your course. Also, you have to complete an assignment, which your teacher gives you.

Q: Is India safe for solo travelling?

A: Of course yes, you can travel solo here. There is nothing to worry as India serves you with the best hospitality.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

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