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Let Us Talk About Food and Stay

While opting any of the yoga course or while choosing the best yoga school, the thing which will be preferred mostly by you is food and accommodation. It is correct to make these two your preference as good food keeps good physical health while good stay keeps good mental health.

Tasty and Healthy Meals at Goa Yoga School

The food cooked with love and gratitude at Goa Yoga School for our beloved students. We keep in mind your health and taste both and so serves you Sattvic and organic meals. The vegetables, the pulses, fruits, sprouts, spices, honey, milk, tea, dairy products and all are precisely chosen by us keeping in mind their beneficial properties. We do not compromise with your health and taste buds. It is very necessary to remain active physically and mentally to performing yoga and this is the reason, we choose food items that do not induce sleep or laziness. The sattvic meals offered by us are such that it gives you all that your body needs to grow.

We understand the nutritional value and ayurvedic properties of food and so provide you it accordingly.

The sattvic food of our yoga school in Goa will not only satisfy your taste buds but also satisfies your body, mind and soul.

Three times sattvic meals along with two times herbal tea is included. The food prepared by keeping in mind the hygiene and quality so you can never find any complaint in that.

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Comfortable Stay at Goa Yoga School

Goa Yoga School is another name of heaven situated on India's West Coast, beautified with white sandy beaches and the blue Arabian Sea. We are delighted to conduct our classes at such a delightful location. In between this amazing scenery, we offer a comfortable and relaxing stay for our yoga students.

We make sure that you relax at our place feeling like you're at home. Home is where you feel safe, you feel supported, you feel loved and where your heart resides. Our yoga family is just like your family members who will support you at every step and make sure to make you feel loved and comfortable. You will relax, rejuvenate and restore at our place.

The big and clean rooms come up with the option of a single room or a shared room. You can choose any of these as per your comfort and requirement. All the rooms are cleaned on a daily basis as we focus greatly on hygiene. You will all the necessary things at your room, such as a spacious bed, a separate cupboard, a study table and so.

The clean and cosy environment of the room makes you refresh and relax after your yoga practice. From the window or balcony of your room, you will witness the splendid scenery which makes your mind calm and cool.

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Everything are made by keeping in mind your requirement and comfort so that you will home away from home.

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